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What is a Brand Design Audit?

Simply put - this audit looks at how your business is viewed from your customer’s eyes coupled up with the business goals. Your brand is your most valuable asset. Here are 5 benefits of having an audit:

  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for your brand

  • Refine and define your brand foundations

  • Align your offerings with customer’s needs

  • Where you stand next to your competition

  • Guidance to the right type of branding and design

What's the investment?

Brand Audit


If you decide to go ahead with any design projects this cost is deducted from your quote.

Lets get you booked in!

Please fill in the form below so I can get to your business and ideal audience a little better. You can let us know about any areas you feel are needing some work and what is going well right now.


What I’ll be looking at:

  • Logo & branding

  • Branded marketing material

  • Website

  • Social media presence

  • Unique Selling Points - are they being conveyed?

  • Ways you could improve the customer’s experience


By looking at these areas we can consider what is and isn’t working and we will also make design recommendations that will improve & help to grow your business too. You’ll get a PDF report on ways you can improve which enhances your customers' experience and in the end grows your business, through graphic design and branding.


We'll be in touch in 48 hours, your invoice will be sent then too.

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