Choosing colours for your business

Are you curious about the psychology of colour in branding?

Wondering how colour influences customers?

I’ll cover all that here and you can get a FREE colour guide too!

Colours evoke emotions, moods, and feelings. It plays a much bigger

role in influencing what we purchase than you might think!

Selecting brand colours is no easy feat.

Which ones will send the right message? Which sets the appropriate tone?

Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Think through your customer, and choose colours that reflect your company’s brand, values, and product /service. For example, pink symbolises compassion, love and femininity. It’s also seen as a kind, warm colour but if you are say a financial adviser who targets high-earners, it might not be suitable as you want to portray trust and dependability at the forefront so you many want to consider blue tones

  • Colour combinations to enhance their impact. A colour like grey which doesn’t make a significant statement on it’s own could be paired with a more passionate/bold colour for a larger impact

  • Now this is a biggie. Don’t choose colours based on your own preferences. I repeat NOT your own preference – unless you are selling to yourself

Us designers understand and utilise the power of colour to evoke a mood, and make your business connect with the right type of clients. Colour helps in brand recognition and has the power to influence a customer’s purchase decision.

Another thing to consider is your industry and main competitors – try to choose colours that will make you stand out in the crowd but don’t lose sight of your business values. Maybe consider what makes you stand out from your competitors, what do you do that is different? Why should a potential customer choose you? You’ll find this might bring you back to your business values and goals.

Once you have narrowed down these things you can start to play with colours. The internet is full of inspiration, have a look on Pinterest too. You can also follow me there, click here.

Of course, don’t get too hung up on it, that’s what I’m here for. I love colour, my office wallpaper couldn't have any more on it if it tried. I choose this as it represents me as a designer and as a person - vibrant and full of passion.

Your brand colours should speak to your ideal clients, represent your brand voice and give off those foundation values. If you are interested in rebranding and hiring me as your designer, you can book in a free discovery call and we can have a chat about it.

You’ll find my FREE Colour guide download here. It also contains a few you scroll-stopping colour palettes and their meanings so can start using the power of colour in your branding!

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