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Crafting Brands: Elevate Art

Updated: May 13

At NM Creates we help businesses stand out from the crowd and connect with their ideal clients to help grow their business. We have a passion for creativity and dedication to helping businesses thrive so when Pink Pine Media asked us to step in as a branding specialist for their client, Elevate Art, we jumped at the opportunity.

The client

Elevate Art wanted to ensure from the get go their branding was designed with strategy and with the ideal client at the forefront. Their business, an art consultancy service, was working with their clients to hang and display art as a way to enhance the overall experience of owning and enjoying an art collection. Ensuring that the art is showcased in the best possible manner, taking into account both aesthetic and practical considerations while preserving the value and integrity of the artworks.

It was important to ensure that we understood their audience too, as art investors are passionate about the art they collect and is often seen as an investment.

Designing the Brand Identity

The overall brief was for the branding to reflect the professionalism, luxury & expertise of their art services. 

Evevate Art logo

The concept for their moodboard took a warm, luxury tone with a straight-forward, clean, friendly look, and gave people a feeling of relaxation and approachability. The palette includes navy which evoke feelings of trust and it brings a loyal and inspiring influence. Coupled with a deep red colour which symbolises prestige and competence. You can view the whole project here.

Bringing it to Life  

We considered the implementation of the branding over various touchpoints; website, social media, stationery and marketing materials. Highlighting the importance of consistency and coherence in brand representation by utilising the brand guidelines document. Once the branding was complete it was then onto the website design by Pink Pine Media you can view it here.

A laptop showing Elevate Art's website design

While the website was being developed we moved onto the social media templates, again these were designed with strategy in mind. Having these in Canva allows the client to remain consistent while creating their graphics.


Working alongside Pink Pine Media allows us to offer expert services to our clients by focusing on what we are both passionate about. The attention to detail in the branding and website is second to none. We work incredible well together and if any of my clients need a Wordpress website they are my absolute first choice as i know my clients will be well looked after during their website project.

You can view the whole branding project here. If your brand or website doesn’t properly represent your business, talk to us. We would love to help!

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