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How to make your branding more high-end in 5 steps by NM Creates

5 steps to make your branding high-end luxury

You might look at some businesses and think they just have it nailed, that exclusive, luxe high-end sophistication or, maybe they were just really clever with their branding… Hear me out. Brands aren’t just born out of nothing, they are built. And while we all wish there were some sort of branding gods, magically creating the type of branding business owners dream of, it’s really as simple as a brand designer is out there refining a brand that oozes that high-end finesse. Which is quite something, it’s very empowering to say the least.

So, how do you do this? Well, this is the part where I come in. If this is your first time here, hello it’s nice to meet you! I’m Nicola, owner and creative whiz here at NM Creates. I’ve always loved working with businesses and over the years my heart is well and truly with brand building. I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing people in design & marketing who have shared valuable insights with me that have really made a difference to my approach in this subject. Even the smallest of things make a difference to a brand.

It’s more than just your service or product. It’s also more than your logo. There are so many elements that go into branding and how your audience sees it.

Without further ado, let's jump into the top 5 things you need to keep in mind when building a high-end brand.

  1. Visual identity - what is it and why it matters Visual identity is essentially a collection of visual elements that will influence your customers. Appearances do matter here I’m afraid, and it’s not just your logo. Your customers will make a snap judgment based on your logo, the colours used, typography, design elements like patterns and photography. Top Tip - It’s important you have a clear visual identity. Look at hiring a brand designer to help you create your brand style. This is the one investment that really makes a difference to a business.

  2. Copy & content - Why should you care about your brand voice? Content is not just about photos or videos. It includes words too that really connect to your customer. If your business went to a dinner party how would you like it’s personality to be perceived? What kind of words or phrases would it use? What is its language like? These things matter in life as much as they do in a brand. Top Tip - How you speak to your customers tells them a story of who you are & what you do, how confident you are and that you are an expert in your field. A professional copywriting service can help you achieve this.

  3. Photography - This is a bit like your visual identity. It’s another way for your business to connect with its customers. It will also influence how your brand is perceived and the customers it attracts. You want to make sure your images reflect your visual identity, are professional and high quality as this shows you are serious about business. Top Tip - Speaking from experience as a service provider, brand photography is one of the best investments I’ve made. So, whether you are a service or products based business if you are in a position to do this, do it!

  4. Consistent - put that branding everywhere High-end brands look and feel the same no matter where you are; website, physical shop, social media, newsletters. You get the gist. They carry a consistent message. All of this combined makes for a memorable customer experience. Top Tip - Ensure your channels are mirroring your message and have a consistent look, from your profile photo to packaging to your website.

  5. Customer connection So lets pretend you are at a five-star hotel and they go above and beyond to ensure your get the best experience. You’ll absolutely remember this and will likely tell everyone about the service they had. I know I would. Now take that experience and apply it to your branding. How you treat and speak to your customers speaks volumes about the type of brand you are, what customers think of you and say about you to others. Top Tip - keep that customer connection to a five-star rating to make sure every customer has a positive and memorable experience with you.

Simply follow these 5 steps and your brand will be shouting high-end sophistication in no time!

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