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Brownhills Lodges St Andrews

Luxury Lodges

Scotland, UK

Brownhills Lodges in St Andrews are nestled on the beautiful, historic Brownhills Farm, a property cherished by their family for five generations, they offer a bespoke destination for those seeking tranquillity, comfort and adventure.

What we worked on:

  • Logo design

  • Social media templates for Canva

  • Stationery

  • Welcome brochure

  • Feedback form

  • Welcome postcard

  • Wifi Poster  

Phase One

We delved into understanding tourism in the area, their competitors and most importantly their audience. We discovered three potential audience groups and focused on ensuring the brand foundations were talking everything into account.

Phase Two

We completed the initial logo design, developing this into an alternative logo and various submarks in accordance with the platforms and marketing collateral the business would be using.

Phase Three

After the branding stage was complete we looked at their social media strategy and devised a set of templates that the business would use to put this in action.

We also looked at the customers journey and looked at ways we could go over and above competitors in the area and really work on the relationships with customers who booked.

Website design

We worked alongside Pink Pine Media who developed and designed the companies website on Wordpress. They also assisted with copywriting across various things.

You can view the website here.

Brownhills Lodges, St Andrews Branding and a lodge in the background
Brownhills Lodges images within social media templates
Brownhills Lodges Stationery pack
Brownhills Lodges Customer Welcome Brochure
Brownhills Lodges website on a laptop
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