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Elevate Art



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Elevate Art wanted to ensure from the get go their branding was designed with strategy and with the ideal client at the forefront. Their business, an art consultancy service, was working with their clients to hang and display art as a way to enhance the overall experience of owning and enjoying an art collection. Ensuring that the art is showcased in the best possible manner, taking into account both aesthetic and practical considerations while preserving the value and integrity of the artworks.

Once the moodboard was approved we worked on their mission statement, company values and their ideal audience avatar.

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The overall brief was for the branding to reflect the professionalism, luxury & expertise of their art services. 

The concept for their moodboard took a warm, luxury tone with a straight-forward, clean, friendly look, and gave people a feeling of relaxation and approachability. The palette includes navy which evoke feelings of trust and it brings a loyal and inspiring influence. Coupled with a deep red colour which symbolises prestige and competence.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 15.25_edited.jpg

Bringing it all together

The branding is high-end, professional and luxurious - an important factor for the business owner. From business cards to social media and the website design we have consistency which builds trust and enhances credibility.

Once the branding was complete it was then onto the website design by Pink Pine Media you can view it here.

Website design for Elevate Art by Pink Pine Media, branding by NM Creates

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