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Kirsty Strain

Voice coach

Scotland, UK

As an actor and performer for over 15 years, Kirsty has learned just how powerful storytelling can be and the impact it can have.

As the business grew and Kirsty's services changed she required a rebrand to reflect this.

What we worked on:

  • Logo design

  • Service brochure

  • WIX website redesign  

Phase One

Kirsty had a clear idea of her brand vision and audience. We discussed the challenges of the current brand and website and had a strategy session to look at way to improve the users journey with the business.


We developed a unique icon to give the impression of a confident voice and combined it with a bold typography look for the branding. We took this further into other brand assets.

Phase Two

Once the branding was signed off we went into the website design stage. We considered what Kirsty needed from the site for the business and combined it with a seamless user journey to ensure they had all the information needed to make an enquiry.

Phase Three

To help keep the website clear and easy to navigate we designed a service brochure that would allow potential clients to download and find out more. This also allowed the business to capture email information for monthly newsletters.

View the website here.

Kirsty Strain with her logo
Kirsty Strain Services Brochure
Kirsty Strain Website Design
Kirsty Strain branding
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