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Free Google Fonts For Modern Brands

Free Google Fonts for Modern Brands
Free Google Fonts for Modern Brands

Choosing those stand-out fonts for brands is my favourite part of the creative process. It can be at times time-consuming and for some businesses overwhelming with so much choice. However, for me it’s like shopping for shoes. I’ve been known to spend a small fortune on fonts. My favourites are those that elude elegance, that sophisticated-yet-modern feel.

A font that matches perfectly with a brands values and traits can really make all the difference. I’ve combined so many free and paid for fonts over the years and today I’d like to share six free Google fonts that are a perfect match for modern lifestyle brands.

If you see one you like you can click through and download to try it out. Enjoy!

Goto free Google font

Noto Serif Display free Google font

Urbanist free Google font

Antic Didone free Google font

Gruppo free Google font

Barlow Condensed free Google font

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